NMH SHARE VALUE : MUR 10.30 as at 19-Apr-2024

We believe that we feel deeper happiness when we share it with others. We celebrate this shared joy through every smile, every action and every thoughtful gesture. As the true Artisans of our promise, you are the faces of happiness, making every stay at Beachcomber an experience where happiness goes both ways. We want to emphasise that each and every one of you is precious and unique. Thank you for your commitment and pride in being part of the Beachcomber family!

Our Artisan Promise

as an employer brand

The Beachcomber promise is to deliver an authentic and memorable experience to our guests. We uphold this commitment through the passion, dedication and genuine welcome of our Artisans. Our employer promise, “Feel the happiness you give” is the product of this reality. It stresses that the happiness our Artisans bring to our guests is intrinsically linked to the happiness they find in their work.

This two-way relationship is deeply rooted in human nature and implies that by giving wholeheartedly to others, we open ourselves to positive experiences that contribute to our personal growth and emotional fulfilment, and to a more harmonious society. It is a true celebration of the symbiosis of joy.

The 5 pillars

An approach based on listening

Beachcomber has adopted an approach based on listening to define our employer promise. Meetings were held with Artisans in the hotels, at Beachcomber Catering and at the Head Office. Interviews, workshops and surveys were conducted to define the strengths of the Beachcomber employer brand and what makes it unique. A total of nearly 1,000 Artisans who create happiness shared their experiences and testimonials to help lay the foundations of the employer brand around these 5 pillars.

We grow together
We grow together both professionally and on a human level each day. Our work and our passion inspire true vocations to emerge.
We share and care
Being a Beachcomber Artisan is being part of a group that puts people at the core of its corporate philosophy. We believe in the power of teamwork and embrace every challenge as a team.
We are proud to serve
It is in our DNA to serve and offer unforgettable hospitality. Everything we do is imbued with kindness and generosity. Every smile, every thank you we receive makes us profoundly proud.
We have fun and we set the trend
We express our passion for excellence through all the things we do on a daily basis. Each in our own way, we look for innovative ideas that will shape tomorrow’s hospitality and enhance the Beachcomber Experience.
We feel secure and confident
We are proud to be part of a strong, sustainable Group with 70 years of excellence and expertise, and we give our best every day. This confidence in the future is a driver of excellence.


Chief Executive Officer

“Our Artisans are our fundamental strength and a major pillar of our success. They have a true passion for their jobs and a deep sense of hospitality, adding a unique touch to each stay with Beachcomber.

Our employer brand is in line with our People First Culture and reflects our commitment to making our teams feel the happiness they give our guests every day.”



Chief People Officer & Group Legal Counsel

“The implementation of this far-reaching program is based on your commitment and involvement. It comprises various initiatives that will enable us to further promote our talents, our teams and our Artisans.”


Life at Beachcomber

Our culture and values

Our Group is driven by our culture and values. Trust, team spirit, human & Mauritian touch, innovation, service, know-how and solidity are values that have enabled us to grow from a pioneer to a market leader in the Mauritian hotel industry. These eight core values defined in conjunction with our Artisans inspire Beachcomber’s mission, vision and brand promise, fostering operational excellence.

"As an Artisan of Beauty and Bounty, I have self-confidence and trust in other Artisans. I keep the promise made to our clients in order to gain their trust."
"As an Artisan of Beauty and Bounty, I am humble, concerned for others and attentive to our guests, Artisans, partners and suppliers. I give special consideration and attention to each of them."
"As an Artisan of Beauty and Bounty, I am an ambassador of Mauritius. I represent the rainbow nation with generosity through my simple, natural and welcoming attitude."
Team Spirit
"As an Artisan of Beauty and Bounty, I am versatile and attentive. I share the information that I have, am supportive and value the work of other Artisans. Mauritian: As an Artisan of Beauty and Bounty, I am an ambassador of Mauritius. I represent the rainbow nation with generosity through my simple, natural and welcoming attitude."
"As an Artisan of Beauty and Bounty, I keep an open mind to adapt to new situations; I also accept and look for new ways of working."
"As an Artisan of Beauty and Bounty, I am a professional who grows and shares his know-how."
"As an Artisan of Beauty and Bounty, I am proactive, available for our guests and Artisans, and meet their expectations as part of our promise and applicable standards."
"As an Artisan of Beauty and Bounty, I contribute to the financial strength of my company."