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A commitment to our Artisans and the community

Discover how our culture, values and ongoing efforts to improve the lives of our Artisans and the community shape who we are.

Life at Beachcomber
Our culture and values

Our Group is driven by our culture and values. Trust, team spirit, human & Mauritian touch, innovation, service, know-how and solidity are values that have enabled us to grow from a pioneer to a market leader in the Mauritian hotel industry. These eight core values defined in conjunction with our Artisans inspire Beachcomber’s mission, vision and brand promise, fostering operational excellence.


"As an Artisan of Beauty and Bounty, I have self-confidence and trust in other Artisans. I keep the promise made to our clients in order to gain their trust."


"As an Artisan of Beauty and Bounty, I am humble, concerned for others and attentive to our guests, Artisans, partners and suppliers. I give special consideration and attention to each of them."

Team Spirit

"As an Artisan of Beauty and Bounty, I am versatile and attentive. I share the information that I have, am supportive and value the work of other Artisans. Mauritian: As an Artisan of Beauty and Bounty, I am an ambassador of Mauritius. I represent the rainbow nation with generosity through my simple, natural and welcoming attitude."


As an Artisan of Beauty and Bounty, I am an ambassador of Mauritius. I represent the rainbow nation with generosity through my simple, natural and welcoming attitude.


"As an Artisan of Beauty and Bounty, I keep an open mind to adapt to new situations; I also accept and look for new ways of working."


As an Artisan of Beauty and Bounty, I am proactive, available for our guests and Artisans, and meet their expectations as part of our promise and applicable standards.


"As an Artisan of Beauty and Bounty, I am a professional who grows and shares his know-how."


As an Artisan of Beauty and Bounty, I contribute to preserving the strength of my company.

to our Artisans

"We believe that communication is the first step towards a healthy working environment. We have therefore set up “Cozer Artizans” and “Lavwa Artizan Beachcomber”. These discussion forums enable our Artisans to freely provide feedback on their work environment.

Cozer Artizans
Cozer Artizans consists of members elected from among the Artisans and is chaired by the HR Manager. This forum meets regularly to discuss team motivation, innovation, employee well-being and other work-related issues.

Lavwa Artizan Beachcomber
Lavwa Artizan Beachcomber enables our Artisans to assess the Company’s annual performance in relation to its commitment, leadership, strategy and organisation."

Our Happiness Index
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Community support
Commitment to a positive impact

Beachcomber wants to make a positive impact in the communities where our hotels are located. Our various CSR initiatives are part of our commitment to sustainable development. We help communities by providing training and employment opportunities for vulnerable youth, supporting small entrepreneurs, education, etc. A selection of our ongoing projects is provided below.

Projets Employabilité Jeunes (PEJ)

PEJ provides young job seekers with the academic and social skills required for a healthy personal and professional life. The programme equips these young people to gain employment in various areas of the hotel industry, including room service, maintenance and kitchen work.

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Beautiful LocalHands

Beautiful Hands is a programme that showcases the work of local handicraft workers and traditional Mauritian crafts in boutiques and hotels around the island.

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Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a joint initiative by FED and the Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sports and Recreation. The programme is intended for boys and girls aged 14 to 24. It helps them develop new skills through regular participation in community service activities and sports. With Beachcomber’s support, the Artisans who are part of FED’s membership committee help enrol, support and encourage young people from their village to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

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Beautiful Neighbours

In a spirit of good neighbourliness, Beachcomber invites children from the surroundings to share a meal and play at the hotel with our guests’ little ones.

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Regional Committees for Fondation Espoir et Développement (FED)

Each business unit of Beachcomber is part of a FED regional committee, promoting various social endeavours: Victoria Beachcomber and Pointe aux Piments Government School have joined forces to reduce absenteeism and support vulnerable pupils; Trou aux Biches Beachcomber works with École Notre Dame de Fatima to train out-of-school youth in the hotel trade; and Shandrani Beachcomber Artisans run introductory computer workshops in the South-East in partnership with the National Computer Board’s IT Caravan. Finally, an Artisan from the Head Office has created a travelling library for scouts, supported by retired Beachcomber employees who sort the books.

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We need your help!

Are you interested in helping our community?
Please contact our CSR Manager on Tel: +230 6019374 or by email : vvythelingum@beachcomber.com

Social and
environmental commitment

Our Artisans are the cornerstones of Beachcomber. They show their passion through their love for their work, their belief in our values and their understanding that service is the art of creating happiness and sharing the beauty of our island with our hotel guests. We also encourage our Artisans to promote our commitment to environmental and social sustainability among our key stakeholders, including our guests, suppliers and contractors.