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Happy Labour Day
01 May 2020 - Artisan stories

Happy Labour Day

Today we celebrate Labour Day. A 1st of May is as no other, with our Artisans as well as millions people all over the world unable to work because of lockdown. Yet even if COVID-19 pandemic represents an unprecedented challenge, for the world, our country, the tourism sector, and our Group, it also reveals commitment, responsibility, and strong sense of duty.

On this Friday which marks Labour Day Celebrations we wish to express our deepest gratitude to our 5 000 Artisans. To our hotels’ staff, we thank you for attending and serving our guests after lockdown was announced, up to their departure. Your dedication and innate hospitality help in making guests’ stay pleasant and enjoyable despite confinement.

We are grateful to all our Head-Office teams who embraced work from home since national shutdown to ensure business continuity. Artisans from Booking Department are working remotely to assist guests and handle enquiries. Finance Team is fully mobilised to ensure timely salary pay and smooth running of essential operations.

IT Staff has enabled work from home for our Artisans and is currently supporting this remote work environment. Commercial Teams who are in constant contact with markets to offer rebooking options and provide useful information. Comm Team ensuring effective and proper communication during this crisis time. Operational Excellence and HR Artisans working currently on return to work protocol, to guarantee a safe work environment. These tough days show waves of solidarity to defeat the pandemic. We convey our thanks to the Beachcomber Catering Artisans for their hard work and dedication. Leader and pioneer of in-flight catering operations in Mauritius, Beachcomber Catering has since beginning of lockdown, been providing meals to quarantine centres in Mauritius. Likewise, the Mautourco Team is supporting local authorities in delivering food pack to needy families all across the country. Also hats off to Artisans of Fondation Espoir Développement Beachcomber (FED) for food packs distribution to vulnerable families living in the South East and South West Regions and to Beachcomber Boutiques Artisans for their team spirit.

Many of our staff including executives and senior management agree to a voluntary pay cut for at least three months, so as to support long-term sustainability of the Group and reduce the dramatic impact of the crisis.

We are facing difficult times and surely this 1st May is unprecedented, but we are thankful to our Artisans for their unflinching support and commitment.

Happy Labour Day under lockdown!