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Use Water Efficiently

Use Water Efficiently

  • We use nearly 100% of recycled wastewater for irrigation purposes.

  • We privilege landscaping designs in our gardens favouring endemic plants, sand and rock to reduce irrigation needs.

  • We work on alternatives for the provision of potable water, with desalination plants available at our properties at Le Morne Peninsula and Trou aux Biches.

  • We favour rainwater harvesting systems diverting rainfall water into storage tanks.

  • We perform regular pool water quality monitoring and have automated control systems in place to help reduce the number and period of backwash required and hence volume of water.

  • We reduce water wastage by making use of automatic sensor faucets in all our Artisan zones.

  • We have installed aerators on taps and water saving showerheads as well as dual flush toilets in all Guest rooms and public areas.

  • We have in place a “Linen Change Card Policy”, made by Beautiful LocalHands, encouraging Guests to keep their bed sheets & towels if not dirty.