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Manage Waste Responsibly

Manage Waste Responsibly

  • We segregate and recycle nearly 40% of our waste, including plastic, cardboard & paper, cans, Nespresso capsules, candles, cooking oil, electronic waste and organics.

  • We make use of tri-bin separation system within our public areas to involve both Guests and Artisans in the sorting process.

  • We work towards the elimination of single-use plastic with the objective of zero single-use plastic by end 2021. We have installed in-house water bottling plants in all our hotels.

  • We have partnered with FoodWise to distribute surplus of food produced to nearby communities.

  • We work with farmers within our region for the recycling of organic waste.

  • We upcycle our old bed linens into laundry bags through the craftsmanship of Beautiful LocalHands.