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Contribution of our Guests

Contribution of our Guests

  • We keep our Guests informed about "Our 52 Commitments to Sustainability" through different communication tools.

  • We encourage Guests to contribute to our “Top FED Programme” through a symbolic amount added to their bill.

  • We propose to our junior Guests a “Be Eco-Friendly” Signature Activity as part of our Kids Club program as well as participation to our “Beautiful Neighbours” ritual.

  • We share local culture with Guests through the “Beautiful Story” ritual and “Wild Island” and “Tropical India” Signature Shows.

  • We demonstrate eco-responsible approach towards Guests during snorkelling trips and promote non-motorised water sports activities like paddle yoga within some of our hotels.

  • We promote the sale of products from Beautiful LocalHands in our shops.

  • We engage Guests to participate in our environmental initiatives.