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Choose Less but Greener Energy

Choose Less but Greener Energy

  • We promote the use of renewable energy through the installation of Photovoltaic panels on the roofs of our hotels, contributing to up to 20% savings – currently 3 090 panels already installed.

  • We use variable speed drives on energy-intensive appliances helping us save up to 40% on energy usage of aforesaid equipment.

  • We emphasise on solar water heaters combined with high temperature recovery on chillers to further reduce usage of fossil fuels.

  • We control the energy consumption of our kitchens by making use of electric load management and centralised cold room systems.

  • We favour natural lighting and use thermal insulation products on our roofs to help reduce irradiation effect and achieve some 5°C cooling.

  • We optimise energy consumption by making use of Room Energy Management systems, such as motion detection and door switches, as well as timers for outdoor lighting.

  • We have energy-saving Light Emitting Diode (LED) products for lighting purpose and have introduced the use of solar lighting.